Monday, June 16, 2014

West Seattle Food Bank

After a Seattle Food Committee meeting last Monday, a group of members were able to witness West Seattle Food Bank’s emphasis on efficiency and quality as a van tightly packed with banana boxes full of fresh produce and deli items was skillfully unloaded and organized.  The West Seattle Food Bank’s dedication to creating and maintaining positive relations with their community enables them to continually receive generous donation similar to this one from surrounding community partners.  The sincere connections made with neighboring grocers and donors allow the food bank to provide their clients with substantial and fresh food on a regular basis.

 Due to their reputation of providing desirable and dependable foods, clients of the food bank are able to expect and rely on quality items with every visit to the food bank. The West Seattle Food Bank takes a lot of pride in the value and breadth of the food they provide to their clients but take their efforts further by centering their methods of distribution in compassion and generosity.   Everything comes down to the needs of the client and ensuring that they receive what they need in a generous and respectful manner.  In order to address the various needs of their clients, the West Seattle Food Bank runs a number of programs including a Baby Corner program, a Bookcase program, a backpack program, and personalized Home Delivery for elderly or disabled individuals. With its numerous programs and undying commitment to distributing food to individuals facing hunger, the West Seattle food Bank offers a lot of support to its community. 

  Not only is a strong sense of community promoted between the food bank and visiting clients, but the West Seattle Food Bank values the community created among their own volunteers who are crucial to its functionality.  This wide base of volunteers consists of students pulled from neighboring schools to long standing volunteers who have stood by the food bank for many years.  The effort of these gracious volunteers partnered with a team of dedicated staff allows the West Seattle Food Bank to be such a notable and influential force in their community.  

Thanks to Huskinson Productions for this video.    

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